Andrej Dujella

Andrej Dujella

Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science
University of Zagreb
Bijenička cesta 30
10000 Zagreb

Full member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Doctor Honoris Causa of University of Debrecen

Phone: (+385 1) 4605 780
Fax: (+385 1) 4680 335
Room: 301 (3rd floor)

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Curriculum vitae (Životopis)

Publication list (with papers in pdf format)

Fields of interest:

 * Diophantine equations (11D) - Diophantine m-tuples, i.e. sets with the property that the product of any two of its distinct elements is one less than a square; Simultaneous Pellian equations; Thue equations and inequalities

 * Elliptic curves (11G05) - Construction of high-rank elliptic curves; Integer points on families of elliptic curves

 * Diophantine approximations (11J) - Applications of Baker's theory and hypergeometric method; Continued fractions

 * Polynomials (11C08) - Indecomposability of polynomials and related Diophantine equations; Polynomial root separation

 * Fibonacci and Lucas numbers (11B39) - Diophantine and divisibility properties of binary recursive sequences; Connections with Diophantine m-tuples

 * Cryptography (94A60) - Elliptic Curve Cryptography; Cryptanalysis of RSA; Teaching

Diophantine m-tuples page

Book: Diophantine m-tuples and Elliptic Curves   Just published!

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Elliptic curves tables:

Undergraduate courses:

Studentski seminar - Eliptičke krivulje i njihova primjena u kriptografiji
(Student seminar - Elliptic curves and their applications in cryptography) (2002/2003)
Mentorstva diplomskih radova (Graduation Thesis Supervisorships)

Graduate courses:

Mentorstva doktorskih disertacija i magistarskih radova
(Ph.D. Dissertations and Master's Thesis Supervisorships)

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