Andrej Dujella - Ph.D. Dissertation Supervisorships:

  1. Borka Jadrijevic, A Two-parametric Family of Quartic Thue Equations (Zagreb, 31.10.2001.)

  2. Zrinka Franusic, Diophantine Quadruples in Quadratic Fields (Zagreb, 29.9.2005.)

  3. Alan Filipin, Systems of Pellian Equations and the Problem of Extension of Some Diophantine Triples (Zagreb, 2.11.2006.)

  4. Bernadin Ibrahimpasic, Applications of Continued Fractions in Diophantine Approximations and Cryptanalysis (Zagreb, 13.12.2008.)

  5. Filip Najman, Compact Representation of Quadratic Integers and Integer Points on Elliptic Curves (Zagreb, 3.2.2010.)

  6. Ana Jurasic, Polynomial Variants of a Problem of Diophantus (Zagreb, 1.10.2010.)

  7. Mirela Jukic Bokun, Elliptic Curves of Large Rank over Quadratic Fields (Zagreb, 5.7.2011.)

  8. Petra Tadic, Ranks of Families of Elliptic Curves and Applications to Diophantine Problems (Zagreb, 6.7.2011.)

  9. Vinko Petricevic, Continued Fraction Convergents and Newton's Approximants for Quadratic Irrationalities (Zagreb, 7.7.2011.)

  10. Tomislav Pejkovic, Polynomial Root Separation and Applications (Zagreb and Strasbourg, 21.1.2012.) (joint supervisorship with Yann Bugeaud)

  11. Ivan Soldo, Some Diophantine Problems over the Imaginary Quadratic Fields (Zagreb, 2.7.2012.)

  12. Miljen Mikic, Mordell-Weil Groups and Isogenies of the Families of Elliptic Curves (Zagreb, 2.12.2014.) (joint supervisorship with Filip Najman)

  13. Sanda Bujacic, Diophantine Problems With Sums of Divisors (Zagreb, 18.12.2014.)

Andrej Dujella - Master's Thesis Supervisorships:

  1. Alan Filipin, Application of LLL-algorithm in Solving Diophantine Equations (Zagreb, 12.7.2004.)

  2. Bernadin Ibrahimpasic, Mathematical Basis of Public-Key Cryptography (Sarajevo, 31.8.2004.)

  3. Danijel Kopcinovic, Discrete Logarithm Problem for Elliptic Curves (Zagreb, 2.3.2005.)

  4. Petra Tadic, Methods for Computing the Rank of Elliptic Curves over Q(T) (Zagreb, 27.9.2006.)

  5. Ana Jurasic, Diophantine Equations over Function Fields (Zagreb, 11.12.2006)

  6. Mirela Jukic Bokun, Mestre's Polynomial Method for Construction of High-rank Elliptic Curves (Zagreb, 14.5.2008.)

  7. Vinko Petricevic, Periodic Continued Fractions (Zagreb, 1.7.2009.)

  8. Luka Lasic: Heights in Diophantine Geometry and Consequences of the abc-conjecture (Zagreb, 30.9.2009.) (joint supervisorship with Ivica Gusic)

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