Undergraduate course (for third and fourth year students)

Lectures: Andrej Dujella         Exercises: Marcel Maretic


Classical cryptography. Basic notions. Caesar, Vigenère, Playfair and Hill ciphers. Rotor machines. Statistical methods in cryptoanalysis.

Modern block ciphers. Data Encryption Standard (DES). Cryptanalysis of DES. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Public key cryptography. Idea of public key cryptography. Key exchange, digital signature. RSA cryptosystem. Other public-key cryptosystems.

Primality tests and factoring. Pseudoprimes. Soloway-Strassen and Miller-Rabin primality tests. Factor bases. Continued fraction factoring method. Quadratic sieve method.

Lecture notes (in Croatian)

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Student seminar - Elliptic curves and their applications in cryptography (2002/2003)

Introduction to Number Theory - Undergraduate course

Number Theory in Cryptography - Graduate course (2003/2004)

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