Andrej Dujella:

Diophantine approximations and applications

Graduate course     (2011/2012)

Course description

One of the central topics in the part of number theory called diophantine approximations, is the question how well a given irrational number can be approximated by rational numbers. The classical Dirichlet's theorem says that for any irrational number α there exist infinitely many rational numbers p/q such that |α - p/q| < 1/q2. The rational approximations p/q with this property can be obtained using the Farey sequences or continued fractions. Apart from this classical problem, there are some interesting and important modifications, such as asymmetric approximations, simultaneous approximations or approximations by algebraic numbers of given degree.

This course will cover basic results on mentioned problems. It will also cover several applications of results, methods and algorithms from Diophantine approximations, in particular those applications on which the members of the Croatian number theory group have worked in the last few years. They involve applications of Worley's theorem on characterization of good rational approximations in terms of continued fractions in solving certain Diophantine (e.g. Thue) equations, the root separation problem for integer polynomials, and applications of continued fractions and LLL-algorithm in cryptography.

It will be assumed that the students are familiar with the basic notions and results from number theory, at the level covered in the undergraduate course Number Theory.


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