Seminar on Number Theory and Algebra 2004/2005

Florian Luca (Mathematical Institute of UNAM, Morelia, Mexico):
Concatenating perfect powers
October 6, 2004.

Damir Horvat: Fast algorithms for integer multiplication
October 13, 2004.

Mirta Mataija: Continued fractions and cryptanalysis of RSA
October 20, 2004.

Volker Ziegler (Technische Universität Graz, Austria):
Thue equations over function fields
October 27, 2004.

Vinko Petricevic: Length of the period of the continued fraction expansion of a square root
November 10, 2004.

Mirsad Puskar: Number systems with negative digits
November 24, 2004.

Andrej Dujella: Euler's problem on sets in which xy + x + y is always a square
December 15, 2004.

Danijel Kopcinovic: Weil pairing and MOV attack I
January 26, 2005.

Danijel Kopcinovic: Weil pairing and MOV attack II
February 2, 2005.

Danijel Kopcinovic: Index calculus method for elliptic curves
February 23, 2005.

Mathieu Dutour (Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb):
Geometry of numbers - Delaunay polytopes in lattices
March 9, 2005.

Alan Filipin: Nonextendibility of D(-1)-triples of the form {1,10,c}
April 6, 2005.

Zrinka Franusic: Diophantine quadruples in the ring Z[√2]
April 27, 2005.

Andrej Dujella: Asymptotic estimates for the numbers of Diophantine pairs, triples and quadruples
May 18, 2005.

Bernadin Ibrahimpasic: Real fields
June 1, 2005.

Bernadin Ibrahimpasic: Valuations and completions
June 8, 2005.

Matija Kazalicki: Galois groups of the trinomials ax7 + bx + c
June 15, 2005.

Zrinka Franusic: Extensions of a family of Diophantine triples in Z[i]
June 29, 2005.

Petra Tadic: Nonsingular curves
July 6, 2005.

Ivan Matic: Riemann-Roch theorem
September 28, 2005.

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